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Crystallum 2019

We are very happy to add 4 new wines from Peter-Allan Finlayson’s Crystallum Range. Buy now as we think they will sell out fast!

We now have the 2019 Cuvée Cinéma Pinot Noir, Mabalel Pinot Noir, the superb ‘WholeBunch’ Pinot Noir and the Clay Shales Chardonnay.

Doing our part

Although the South African government have allowed wine exports once again, there is still a knock on effect on wineries, winemakers and their staff. Right now the very best thing we can do to help is to buy (and drink) more South African wine!

Although we are only a small company and can’t do loads, we are determined to do something. You can now find some of the great wines on the site on sale – the wines have a green box round them. The more you buy, the more you are having a direct impact on our friends in the Cape.

Thank you!




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We have now added the option for you to add a what3words address to your shipping address if you are hard to find using normal address and post code.


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