Erika Obermeyer

Erika Obermeyer Wines

Platter’s Guide 2019 awarded Erika ‘Newcomer Winery of the Year’.  We couldn’t agree more. They said,

Two of the maiden vintages in her top range – the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah-Grenache Noir- Cinsault – achieved our highest rating. The Sauvignon Blanc was just one point away from it. A remarkable achievement, promising even greater ones in the future from this greatly welcome new label.

Erika grew up on her family’s farm near Sutherland in the Northern Cape. Although she her sights set on studying medicine, she got the ‘bug’ for wine while studying at Stellenbosch University. She graduated with a BSc and BSc Honours in Wine Biotechnology in 1998 and was appointed as Assistant Winemaker at Kleine Zalze in Stellenbosch in 1999.

After that, in 2005, she accepted a winemaker position at Graham Beck Wines. Eventually, having become Cellar Master of Still Wines, she decided to take a massive leap of faith and go it alone founding Erika Obermeyer Wines in 2016. Erika ran to the challenge loving the opportunity to explore all the ‘magic’ of wine and all the elements of great winemaking.

She sources fruit from vineyards across the Western Cape to create wines which authentically express South Africa’s unique vineyard sites and exceptional diversity. Balance, length and intensity are paramount and every bottle is a labour of love. With the minimal intervention philosophy in the cellar, it all comes down to the vineyard and the terroir. If you ask Erika, “what makes a fine wine?” above all she would answer: “true terroir, balance, honesty and a light touch. It tells a story of a time, a place and a maker.”

You can read more about Erika by visiting her website