Alheit Cartology Vertical 2014 – 2019


The Vertical Club™

… does it again. Impress your friends – here is your chance to buy a bottle of each vintage of Alheit Cartology 2014 – 2019!

Chris Alheit has continued to wow us and many others with his brilliant Chenin blends. Unless you have been putting them down over the last few years, there’s little chance of having these 6 all together. With only a small number available, we think they will go fast!

The Name

Cartology means the study of maps or charts. It could not be more perfect name for this wine. Not only because of our endeavours to search for and find these special old vineyards, but also because the wine itself can be seen as a vinous map or tapestry of the Cape.

The Wine

Cartology is a vinous exploration of Cape heritage. It’s intended to be a picture of the Cape seen through the lens of her old vineyards in a given vintage. The cuveé is composed of rare and extraordinary parcels of mature dryland bushvines, of heritage grapes, namely Chenin Blanc and Sémillon. These grapes have been planted in the Cape for centuries. Cartology has become our staple offering. It serves as a poster child for our project, and also seems to have become a flag bearer for Cape heritage wine in general.


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