Ken Forrester ‘The Silver Rose’ 2020


Exclusively available from VinoSA in the UK, let the ‘Chenin King’ himself describe this wonderful summer wine!

“I simply love Grenache Rosé.  I love it for all the red fruit flavours, the strawberry, pomegranate, red berry fruit and for the last few years, we’ve experimented with a single vineyard rosé from Grenache.

So the intent was a delightful, softly pink, elegant fruit-focused wine, but it had to have structure and body and a long finish on the palate – all of this almost contrary to the fact that you press the grape gently and drain off just the freshest “free-run juice” with little or no chance of getting tannins or structure from the skins! We are really thrilled with the result.”

Alc 12.5%
TA 5.6
RS 3.4
pH 3.27


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