Newton Johnson L’illa Eilandia 2015


Ben’s notes: I can’t lie. I was sitting in the vineyard trying some of their finest Pinots and Chardonnays from up and down the Hemel valley. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted this. I am a sucker for a good dessert wine and when it shares the same name as my daughter, I had to go for it. It is totally delicious – so so moreish! Some poached peaches and cream topped with toasted almonds and life is good! A real find.

The Catalan name (pronounced leeya) means ‘island’. This alludes to the farm in Eilandia, Robertson, where the family of Nadia Cilliers has been for 6 generations.

Chenin planted 1976, wild ferment 3 months older barrels, then 7 months matured, yet 2015’s fruit centre stage. Intense citrus with apricot, honey/barley sugar, plenty to admire, including the sugar/acid balance. Full-sweet, with lifting freshness. 375 ml.