Pella Cinsaut 2015



The name Pella means “place of gathering” which refers to the union of terroir and vines.

“When I started my search for exceptional single vineyards throughout the Western Cape many years ago, there were several factors I had to keep in mind, e.g. the right variety for the right slope, bush vines versus trellised, depth of the soil, clay content, micro-climate, age of the vines and equilibrium of the vineyard. All of these are factors that are crucial to the quality of the wine in the end. My search for coastal vineyards was all about perfect equilibrium.

I looked for older vines with minimum vegetative growth, therefore a good balance. The age of a vine in itself does not guarantee quality wine; it must still be planted in the right soil. The soil is crucial. It must be well drained with a high clay content to ensure a steady, but moderate water supply during the hot summer months of the Cape.” Daniël de Waal  -Winemaker

Where old vines give more body and complexity, younger vines can also provide a wine with attractive characteristics such as freshness and purity of fruit.

Made from very low-yield Stellenbosch bushvine Cinsault, aged 12 months in old French barrels with every effort made to preserve the inherent fruit and peppery character exhibited by the grapes.


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