Stellenrust Chenin 2017 3 Pack


One bottle of Naked Truth 2017. One bottle of Secrets and Lies 2017 and one bottle of Indecent Obsession 2017.

The Naked Truth – an expression of Chenin Blanc’s sincerity, untouched by any winemaking intervention. The juice is not sulphured and is allowed to pick up oxygen producing more of the yellow stone fruit the grape variety is so well known for. The nose is distinct with canned pineapple supported by more yellow aromas with oxidative notes. No residual sugar or wood was added and the wine finished wild yeast fermentation in tank. Chenin Blanc as naked and unadorned as it can be.

Secrets and Lies – barrel fermented, this Chenin Blanc showcases the normal treatment of partial reductive handling of juice in the winery. The fermentation happens with wild yeast in two and three year old French oak barrels. The oak influence is minimal and supports, by means of a vanilla backdrop, the rich tropical flavours Chenin can produce. A tinge of botrytis adds a touch of sun-kissed ripeness to a dry wine.

The Indecent Obsession – a reflection of the winemaker’s obsessive desire to create big, bold and opulent wines from Chenin Blanc. The grapes are carefully transferred with the juice finishing fermentation in newer French oak barrels. Furthermore, a larger proportion of botrytis grapes are blended into the equation. This boosts the residual sugar to a rich and ripe level delivering unctuous candyfloss, peach and apricot flavours with a lingering aftertaste.



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