Stellenrust Timeless 2014


The grapes used for this wine are harvested from a combination of trellised Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines from the Helderberg, Bottelary and Devon Valley areas.

After harvesting, the grapes were crushed and allowed to cold macerate for anything between 2 – 4 days. The juice is inoculated with French yeast strains and fermented on the skins for at least 14 – 20 days with periods of hotter fermentation (29°C) and periods of colder fermentation (20°C). This does not only create a larger extraction of fruit and tannin, but also an array of flavours through different fermentation temperatures. The Cab Sauv and Franc and Merlot partially finish malolactic fermentation in barrels and are matured separately on the fermentation lees for 18 months after which it is blended and allowed another 6 months blended barrel maturation time.

Alcohol : 14.3 %vol
pH : 3.47
RS : 2.5 g/l
Total Acid : 6.2 g/l

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Stellenrust, Timeless, 2014


Alcohol : 14.3 %vol, pH : 3.47, RS : 2.5 g/l, Total Acid : 6.2 g/l