Stellenrust Barrel-Fermented Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Stellenrust Barrel-Fermented Sauvignon Blanc 2017

This Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp acidity with a bouquet of yellow summer fruit and herbs. It has a mineral core supporting pungent fruit and a blackcurrant finish. It, therefore, it would be a great accompaniment to dishes like triple baked goat’s cheese soufflé or fresh seafood salad with a mustard honey dressing smothered in fresh asparagus. Tertius Boshoff, winemaker

The Sauvignon Blanc is picked at three different times:  a third at 18 Balling (greener flavours), a third at 20 Balling and a third at 23 Balling (more tropical flavours). These three harvests are fermented separately to create three tanks capturing all the characteristics this enchanting grape can offer. A very small production is made annually from one of South Africa’s oldest blocks of Sauvignon Blanc.

Vineyards: 40 year old bushvine Bottelary hills.


Natural settling and extremely low fermentation temperatures (10-12 degrees Celsius) with 5 different commercial yeast strains are essential to preserving the beautiful flavours this Queen of the Grapes can offer. The juice is put in French oak barrels and allowed to ferment slowly over a time of about 1 month. It is then left on the lees without batonage for a further 9 months in barrel. Time spent on lees: 9 Months in French oak barrels.

100% Sauvignon Blanc
Residual sugar: 2.3g/L
pH: 3.18
Alcohol: 13.4% TA 7.5g/L
Winemaker: Tertius Boshoff

Stellenrust Chenin 2017 3 Pack

Stellenrust Chenin 3 Pack 2017 VinoSA

One bottle of Naked Truth 2017. One bottle of Secrets and Lies 2017 and one bottle of Indecent Obsession 2017.

The Naked Truth – an expression of Chenin Blanc’s sincerity, untouched by any winemaking intervention. The juice is not sulphured and is allowed to pick up oxygen producing more of the yellow stone fruit the grape variety is so well known for. The nose is distinct with canned pineapple supported by more yellow aromas with oxidative notes. No residual sugar or wood was added and the wine finished wild yeast fermentation in tank. Chenin Blanc as naked and unadorned as it can be.

Secrets and Lies – barrel fermented, this Chenin Blanc showcases the normal treatment of partial reductive handling of juice in the winery. The fermentation happens with wild yeast in two and three year old French oak barrels. The oak influence is minimal and supports, by means of a vanilla backdrop, the rich tropical flavours Chenin can produce. A tinge of botrytis adds a touch of sun-kissed ripeness to a dry wine.

The Indecent Obsession – a reflection of the winemaker’s obsessive desire to create big, bold and opulent wines from Chenin Blanc. The grapes are carefully transferred with the juice finishing fermentation in newer French oak barrels. Furthermore, a larger proportion of botrytis grapes are blended into the equation. This boosts the residual sugar to a rich and ripe level delivering unctuous candyfloss, peach and apricot flavours with a lingering aftertaste.


Stellenrust Eight Pillars JJ Hand Made

Stellenrust Eight Pillars JJ VinoSA

“From Stellenbosch, Swartland and 30 year old Piekenierskloof vines, 2015 is powerful but shows restraint too, floral delicacy to spicy fruit & peppery oak, impressive persistence.”
Winnie Bowman – Cape Wine Master

After reaching tremendous international and local success with Stellenrust, owners Tertius Boshoff and Kobie van der Westhuizen decided to take things back to their roots to create wines without boundaries. The old Bottelary cellar was reinstated and the birth place of one of the first artisan wines created by a passion for old vineyards. The Eight Pillars refer to the eight grape varieties used in the blend. 4 of which believed to be the sexy future of SA wine and 4 the foundation stones of the Stellenbosch wine industry paying homage to our past.

In the vineyards

The grapes are harvested from a combination of older bush vines – all 30 years plus. Syrah, Bordeaux grape components and Pinotage from Stellenbosch, Grenache from Piekenierskloof and Cinsaut and Carignan from the Swartland.

In the cellar

Grapes are picked between 24 and 26 Balling, – NO crushing of the grapes is allowed and wild yeast fermentation techniques applied. 34% is whole bunch fermented. The wine is then drained from the skins through a gravity drip system to the bottom of the cellar where the barrel room is. Here it finishes malolactic fermentation and ages for about 18 months in 20% French oak, where after the best barrels are selected, blended and put back into barrels for another 6 months.


56% Shiraz, 11% Carignan 11% Grenache, 8% Cinsaut, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 2% Pinotage

Tasting notes

This wine offers white pepper spice and some lifted violet notes on the nose with a dark brooding undertone. These flavours carry forward to a spicy palate, with some gamey notes at first followed through by a structured velvet aftertaste crafted by the Bordeaux varieties.


This JJ Handmade Reserve will compliment North Indian Curries or other spicy dishes; the Pinotage evident enough to balance strong food flavours.

Technical Analysis

Alcohol:  14.4%
pH:  3.55
Total Acidity:  5.7g/L
RS: 2.2g/L

Stellenrust Timeless 2014

Stellenrust Timeless 2014

The grapes used for this wine are harvested from a combination of trellised Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc vines from the Helderberg, Bottelary and Devon Valley areas.

After harvesting, the grapes were crushed and allowed to cold macerate for anything between 2 – 4 days. The juice is inoculated with French yeast strains and fermented on the skins for at least 14 – 20 days with periods of hotter fermentation (29°C) and periods of colder fermentation (20°C). This does not only create a larger extraction of fruit and tannin, but also an array of flavours through different fermentation temperatures. The Cab Sauv and Franc and Merlot partially finish malolactic fermentation in barrels and are matured separately on the fermentation lees for 18 months after which it is blended and allowed another 6 months blended barrel maturation time.

Alcohol : 14.3 %vol
pH : 3.47
RS : 2.5 g/l
Total Acid : 6.2 g/l

Stellenrust Chenin d’ Muscat 2015

Stellenrust Chenin d’ Muscat 2015

The vines are located on the Stellenrust Bottelary property. It is a mixture of over 50 year old Chenin blanc bush vines, and over 70 year old Muscat de Alexandrie trellised vines. Grapes are allowed to contract botrytis, before being harvested. For this reason, the Muscat is only harvested in May after the first winter rains, where picking normally stops at the end of March in Stellenbosch.

About The Harvest
Grapes are picked between 36 – 40° Balling.

In The Cellar
Grapes are crushed and some skin contact allowed for extraction. The juice is taken directly to barrels and fermented naturally over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The Chenin Blanc and Muscat ferment separately and the wine blended after a period of 12 months in barrel.

This noble late harvest is based on a legacy of winemaking continued in modern times with strong family winemaking traditions brought forward in every bottle of Chenin d’ Muscat. This natural sweet wine is the only wine still carrying the original 1928 label.

Alcohol : 11.0 %vol
pH : 3.4
RS : 118.2 g/l
Total Acid : 8.7 g/l

Stellenrust After Eight Shiraz 2014

Stellenrust After Eight Shiraz 2014 VinoSA

It is clear from the nose where the wine got its name. The concentration of violets, black pepper, blue berry and mint from that small spot of the vineyard oozes out of the bottle. A true reflection of site with fresh acidity supporting lush fruit and mint chocolate spice. This After Eight Shiraz is to be enjoyed preferably after 8 (am or pm – you choose) with anything from mint chocolate to rack of lamb or a thick cut steak.

The grapes are harvested from a 18 year old trellised Bottelary vineyard planted next to a row of Eucalyptus trees – see google maps picture for explanation. Phenolic profiling was done throughout the vineyard and 0.2ha isolated where pepper, violets, blue berry and mint flavours are at a peak level.

Grapes are picked between 24 and 26 Balling only from the 0.2ha isolated site, 26% is whole bunch fermented. The wine is then drained from the skins through a gravity drip system to the bottom of the cellar where the barrel room is. Soft basket pressing is done and 8% fresh stalks reintroduced in the pressing cycle to balance tannin and colour. It finishes malolactic fermentation in barrel and ages for 18 months in 50% new French oak and 50% older oak.

Residual sugar: 2.3g/L
pH: 3.55
Alcohol: 14.5%
TA 5.6g/L




Stellenrust was established in 1928 and has ever since produced some of the most superb quality wines that the Stellenbosch region from South Africa can offer. It consists of about 400ha (200ha planted) of which half is stretched over the Golden Triangle area of Stellenbosch, internationally recognised for some of the best red wine soil in South Africa. The other half is situated high up in the Bottelary Hills, renowned for its cool climate and late afternoon sea breezes swooping in from Cape Town to nurture both excellent white and red wines.

This is one of the largest family-run Stellenbosch properties – two properties, really: half the 200-plus hectares are in the Helderberg Golden Triangle not far from the town, the other half in the Bottelary Hills. Some 150,000 cases are produced in a number of bot­tlings under their own label (from a wide range of varieties, rather more black grapes than white), other grapes are sold off, and various wines appear under the labels of clients. In fact, although the farm was established in 1928, the own-label is a newish idea, with some Stellcape Vineyards wines (initially vinified elsewhere) marketed since 2003. Then the name of the family farm, Stellenrust, was used for the main ranges. The “boutique­-style” wines are made in a converted milk shed on the Bottelary property, and the larger­ volume ones at a large facility in Stellenbosch. Owners Tertius Boshoff and Kobie van der Westhuizen are responsible for winemaking and viticulture, respectively.

VinoSA Spring Selection 1

VinoSA Seasonal Section 1

Here’s a great opportunity to buy our Spring selection mixed case of 9 wines from VinoSA containing 1 bottle of each of the following: